LC Distribution agency was born in 1995 from an idea of Claudia Baronti to present and promote luxury brands of Italian and international fashion in the markets of the Russian Federation, the former USSR, East Europe and Middle East countries.

The in-depth knowledge of these areas, as well as the direct experience of working in the area, have allowed us to identify the most important players in each country, to forge with them a professional relationships, mutual trust and to strengthen and consolidate these relationships over the years.

The long-standing collaborations, that the Agency can boast, are the result of ambitious results obtained thanks to them knowledge that has made possible, in these years of activity, to recognize and to pursuit the opportunities of each market earlier than the other competitors, make them their own and adapt them to each brand treated according to the objectives set by each Company.

This is another crucial aspect of the Agency's success: the close collaboration with the Companies of the Brands promoted.

The objectives pursued by LC Distribution are the objectives of the Companies exclusively represented.