The philosopy of Kiton is very simple: work hard to achieve perfection. And if you can't, start over again.

Master  artisans of cutting and stitching but, first and foremost, genuinely passionate. Expert hands and eyes which, throughout all the production stages, add value to the product, making each piece unique and inimitable.

It takes tailors up to twenty-five hours to create a suit worthy of the Kiton quality mark; they sublimely link creativity, spirituality and artistic expression through the use of precious yarns and fabrics. The Kiton suit takes shape on the wearer.This is because each garment is individually cut, using the fabric in such a way that all pieces fit together perfectly.The Kiton tailors meticulously hand-stitch the pattern lines of the design creating flexible seams, so as to enable the wearer to experience the garment's ease and comfort in every movement.